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One2Five: Advisory and solutions to drive Consumer-generated content (CGC) holistically.


From strategy to execution: tailored to your capabilities and needs.

Our offer includes advisory, assessment and project management as well as technical solutions to collect, moderate, display and distribute Consumer-generated content. Regardless if you want to start, assess, maintain or optimize your plans, tools and activities we have the knowledge and resources to support you.

Our promise is individual service that will increase both the quality and quantity of your Consumer-generated content such as Ratings & Reviews while optimizing your return-on-investment.

Our Team

Who are we?

Our global and diverse team consists of over 100 experts in the field of Consumer-generated content. We cover business, e-commerce and technical expertise to draft the individual strategy and toolbox for your success. Here are just a few of our stars:

Sven Weber
Sven Weber

Content Creation & Authenticity – Berlin

Simon Schmalfeld
Simon Schmalfeld

Chief Technology Officer – Lübeck

Alexander Schacht
Alexander Schacht

Product Owner & Technical Lead – Lübeck

Markus Oeller
Markus Oeller

Business Development & Strategy – Lübeck

Laura Horwood
Laura Horwood

Project Management – Stockholm

Dirk Plitzner
Dirk Plitzner

Cloud Architect – Hamburg

Maic Ungermann
Maic Ungermann

Managing Director & Business Development – Stockholm

Mujahid Shaikh
Mujahid Shaikh

Technical Solutions Architect – Pune

Yubraj Ghimire
Yubraj Ghimire

Solution Architect – Hamburg

Why CGC?

Why Consumer-generated content?

Consumer opinions are the digital word-of-mouth that people now rely upon when making their purchase decision.

Consumer-generated content such as Ratings & Reviews enhance the shopping experience by creating more trust in not just the products, but your brand itself.

How we work

How we work with Consumer-generated content

We support our clients through the entire process, from collection through to moderation, amplification and display.

Collecting Consumer-generated content

at as many as possible touch points to generate the right volume of authentic content: website, email, social media, apps, events and more!


the content for example through translation, product grouping to leverage cost efficiency.

Display and distribution

of content to make it easy for consumers to find the opinions of others, such as: display and links on website, linked to search engines like Google, sharing reviews with e-tailers, display reviews in-store.

Creation & Amplification

Content creation & amplification

Our team is fully equipped to advise you on the optimal content generation path for you and your products to gain the highest quality and quantity of authentic Consumer-generated content.

We also offer a full toolkit of content generation activities for you to choose from so you can leave everything with us. Below are just a few examples of what we have to offer.

Post Interaction Email System (PIE)

PIE is our ‘always on‘ review creation tool, our fully automated system sends emails to your consumers encouraging leaving reviews as part of the post-purchase consumer journey.

The beauty of our PIE system is the total freedom to have customised campaigns and templates. This means that you can have tailored campaigns for different products, various AB/ tests, add incentives such as vouchers or sweepstakes to continuously enhance your campaigns.


Our microsites enable you to collect Consumer-generated content like Ratings & Reviews regardless of the occasion with just one link to a tailored submission form!

They work across devices and platforms, are fully functional both online and offline, totally tailored to your needs and can be used for any activity where you are gathering consumer feedback.

Product sampling and testing

We offer a wide range of activities to help you gather both experiential and ownership-based reviews, from our tester pool to our seeding platform there is sure to be an activity fitting your needs.

Content amplification

Product grouping: we can group your reviews & content by product similarities, meaning that one review left could have double, triple or even greater value as it will be displayed across all products within the same product group.

Review translation: giving you the potential to display all reviews of a product in across countries on various touch points!

Moderation & Consumer Dialog

Content Moderation & Consumer Dialog

Our advanced content moderation hub can be considered as the enabler of your Consumer-generated content strategy. As heart or gateway the platform sits between your collection touch points and the display and distribution of the content. It is like an organ that keeps processes simple and ensures authenticity.

Content quality and moderation are essential to not mislead consumers. It is important to show valuable and rich consumer opinions. This does not mean only showing positive content. Moderation processes and standards should prevent fraud, fake, inappropriate language and other harmful non-informative feedback. We offer impartial, trustworthy moderation services, meaning that only relevant and genuine content makes it onto the display touchpoints.

Questions and answers, allowing consumers to ask questions on your digital touchpoints and get input from experts. When questions are quickly and professionally solved, consumers will have increased trust in your product and brand.

Comment on reviews left by consumers, our team can provide you the tools and knowhow to empower you to be an active contributor to your online reputation and not just a powerless bystander.

Our content moderation team is truly global, meaning that we can support you in all languages.

Display & Distribution

Content Display & Distribution

Consumer-generated content needs to be easily accessible and displayed on as many touch points as possible: search engines, category and comparison pages, product pages. Functionalities to search, sort and filter after for example Ratings & Reviews are expected features from a user-perspective.

We have the tools to embed user generated content into almost all touchpoints, whether native or third party. Our team has the expertise to make the most out of the Consumer-generated content such as SEO mark-ups and optimization.

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Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Our platform is fully equipped with reporting and analytics functionalities, from A/B campaign testing to ROI analysis, our tool will keep you always up-to-date on how you are performing. We also offer predictive analytics, an intelligent system that suggests the optimal path to reach your goals, based on targets, past achievements and financial investment.

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